Gunhild Seim - Biography

Gunhild Seim is a norwegian composer and trumpet player. Her music has been performed by artists like Marilyn Crispell, and by ensembles like the large improv ensemble Kitchen Orchestra.

Gunhild has been commissioned by music societies like Vossajazz and Stavanger Jazzforum. As a performer she has worked under the leadership of great musicians and composers like Alex Von Schlippenbach, Evan Parker, Geir Lysne, Nils Henrik Asheim and many others. With her longest-working band Gunhild Seim and Time Jungle she has released 3 albums and toured Norway, Sweden, UK and Germany. As part of Kitchen Orchestra, she has also performed in many spaces, for instance at the Superdeluxe in Tokyo, a center for experimental music, performance and art. As part of these ensembles, she has created hybrids of popular music and creative music.

Seim has been characterized as “an abundant source of ideas, with her irreverent music, whose preferences and references know no boundaries” (Sparebanken Vest 2011). She has received grants like Statens arbeidsstipend and Sparebanken Vests Kunstnerstipend. She has given interviews to national broadcasting agencies in Norway and Germany, as well as magazines like Ballade and Jazzpodium, and her music has been aired by radio stations in different countries such as USA, England, Portugal, France, Germany, Italy and Colombia.

Artist statement

I make music because I need an output for my constant curiosity. Making music is a way to experience and research. This inspires me to constantly experiment with artistic means. Making music is also a way to meet people.

I have few limits to musical preferences – only that I’d like the music to speak and breathe and to resonate and communicate, through combining what’s known and what’s unknown to the listener, telling stories that fascinate. I love that feeling when improvising, a sort of meditative state, being in the moment, the feeling that the music could go anywhere.

My main instrument is the trumpet. When I was 10, I got both a piano and a cornet. I loved both. I played piano mainly at home, but the cornet and later the trumpet became my first real ticket into the community of music making. Later, I started using computers and different kinds of electronics, which excites me especially as it can function as a bridge to other forms of art.

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