Until about 2016, Gunhild Seim could be called a performer-composer, later she has also focused on composing for other ensembles and settings. She writes chamber music and electroacoustic music as well as music for improvisation groups. 

Her music has been performed at Nordic Music Days, Borealis Festival, as well as in jazz- and improv clubs internationally. She has been commissioned by festivals like Vossajazz and Kapittel. She is twice a receiver of Statens arbeidsstipend for Kunstnere. After 20 years as a musician, she went back to school to pursue a master in composition at the Grieg Academy in Bergen, which she finished in 2020.

As a performer she has worked under the leadership of great musicians and composers like Alex Von Schlippenbach, Evan Parker, Geir Lysne, Nils Henrik Asheim and many others. With her longest-working band Gunhild Seim and Time Jungle she has released 3 albums. As part of Kitchen Orchestra, she has also performed in many spaces, for instance at the Superdeluxe in Tokyo. As part of these ensembles, she has created hybrids of popular music and creative music.

 “An abundant source of ideas, with her irreverent music, whose preferences and references know no boundaries” Sparebanken Vest Kunstnerstipend

“An uncanningly expressive player” Jazztimes Magazine

Artist statement

I make music because I need an output for my constant curiosity. Making music is a way to experience and research. This inspires me to constantly experiment with artistic means. Making music is also a way to meet people.

I’d like my music to speak and breathe and to resonate and communicate, through combining what’s known and what’s unknown to the listener. I am quite preoccuppied with human (and nature) behaviour and connectedness, and am no stranger to using technology. I also like to collaborate with other forms of art.


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