The Alignment project

The project¬†Alignment, which I started in 2018, has been a part of my work since my master’s course in composition at the Grieg Academy, and after, with ensembles like Avgarde Ensemble and Kitchen Orchestra.

The project started as an inquiry into the borderlands between likeness and difference, originally sort of an antifascist music project focusing on audible adjustment to a group’s culture or not. While working on my Master Project it transitioned to focus on musical ideas, likeness and difference in different versions of the same, sort of a musical multiverse. I recycle and decontextualize ideas to a number of parallel universes, using the same pool of ideas. I wrote an essay about the process for my Master exam, which I hope to publish someday.¬†

The list of works is growing:

4 short studies for grand piano (2018)

Align 1.0 (2019) for concert band

Align 2.0 (2020) for chamber ensemble

Lifeline (2020) for 4 trumpet players over Zoom

Framhald 5.1 (2021) for 18 musicians and electronics

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