Mycelium was commissioned by Festival of New Trumpet Music in New York for their 2021 festival (which consisted of videos because of the pandemic). The music was made by Chattermark, bass player John Lilja and myself, and we collaborated with photographer Signe Christine Urdal.

This work is a continuation of my earlier work Lifeline (2020) in the way that they are both sort of pandemic trumpet projects. When the pandemic came and all my projects were canceled, I thought: I need to work, what can I do? What do I have available at home? Well, I have my trumpet… And that is how, after a few years of focus on composing for others, I had a renewed interest in what sounds I could get out of my trumpet. 2020 was also a year of long, slow, solitary walks in the forest. The more I learnt about the forest, the more time I wanted to spend there, and inspiration from nature started to seep in to all of my artistic projects, for instance botanical patterns. When Dave Douglas contacted me about making something for the Festival of New Trumpet Music, I was just done with research for the forest project Skogprosjektet. Which had been super inspiring. Did you know that trees speak together through a network of threads from fungi – the Mycelium? So when I got commissioned I immediately knew what material I should start with. John Lilja and I then recorded a few improvisations, then I made a score based on parts of the improvisations and we recorded it again. Then I spent a lot of time with photographer Signe Christine Urdal in the forest. The resulting audio/video collaboration is a homage to home life, nature, calmness and inward focus. 

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