Noise-drone duo Chattermark” creates walls of sound or delicate soundscapes and anything in between. Inspirations for the music come from sources like Sunn 0))), Anthony Pateras and Franz Hautzinger, to mention a few. 

At the moment Chattermark’s first album is being mixed. The first single from the album is done and was released on Bandcamp January 2022.

In 2021 Chattermark was invited to do an a.v. piece for Festival of New Trumpet Music (FONT) in New York, the resulting work “Mycelium” can be checked out here

“I was catapulted back to what I might call, a primeval imagination” Erol Tamerman (Festival of New Trumpet Music) on “Mycelium”

Chattermark is:

John Lilja – El. Bass and effects

Gunhild Seim – Trumpet and effects

After having worked together in other bands for many years, Lilja and Seim formed the duo out of a desire to extend their instruments’ natural sounds and functions with the use of electronics.

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